Global 12 Equity Fund (G12EF) is the growth engine that  underpins our ability to generate wealth for our clients, combining our expertise with our constant search to mitigate and reduce risk in everything we do, without diluting our ability to generate exceptional returns.   This has allowed us to develop the innovative solutions that combine capital security with high returns, a fundamental that underpins the foundations of our business. 

“The way to become rich is to put all your eggs in one basket, and then watch that basket”
Andrew Carnegie.

Carnegie was one of the worlds richest men and his strategy went against traditional diversification methodologies for mitigating risk. Carnegie understood the nature of risk and embraced it recognising that there was no reward without it.  Carnegie felt that when an opportunity was identified it should be maximised. Also recognising that this then obligated the wise investor to mitigate that risk by paying close attention to the management of their investments. 

G12EF undertake to provide that close attention, but more than that we allow you to identify the degree of risk and return you want to take. We have a strategy that Carnegie might have liked because we too embrace the concept of concentrating wealth and paying attention to risk. However, at G12EF we aim to precisely quantify the risks and take steps to not only manage it but also help you to remove it, whilst preserving your capacity to generate attractive returns. Potentially with you, yourself, having the capacity to select precisely how much risk you choose to take for a guaranteed return.

At Global 12 Equity Fund we have made solidly consistent returns by focusing on three areas that we know well and where we have been able to balance risk and reward with optimized attractive returns. This allows us to confidently put your money in carefully selected products, managed by experts in their chosen disciplines. with guarantees on both your capital and your returns. For example, our flagship fund offers a 100% Capital guarantee, with the possibility of securing a guaranteed 12% per annum return. (T’s&C’s apply).

With the variety of products we offer, ranging from execution only access to self-selected stock market portfolios in equity, ETFs and mutual funds; to deposits held offshore offering guarantees on both capital and returns in FX and Cryptyo; to at risk capital placements in individually selected global projects in everything from real estate and agriculture to green energy and raw materials there is potentially something for everyone. 


If you are interested in learning more, please contact us by clicking HERE and we can arrange a consultation with a third-party consultant such as the B6 Family Office who independently and exclusively support the G12 family.

A WORD OF CAUTION. However, it should be remembered that there are a host of things to consider for every product that needs to be carefully considered, to determine their relevancy to your unique circumstances. Things such as product specific T’s & C’s, fact sheets and minimum investment access restrictions to name but a few. Therefore, we strongly suggest that any potential investor should seek professional assistance and advice from a financial advisor.

The G12Equity Fund is located in the Republic of Seychelles at The Oliaji Trade Centre, Victoria, Mahe and is the trading name of Seacoral Ltd. BRN 119490, a wholly owned subsidiary of B6 Corporate Solutions located at Ras -al -Khaima UAE, ICC20220194 trading as Global Twelve.

The Asset Management Company appointed as the authorised Investment  Manager for the assets held in G12EF Equity capital is IKONIA FinTech Capital AG registered in Switzerland with OAR No.1264  operating under regulatory supervision of d’Organisme de Surveillance pour Intermediares Financiers et Trustees (SOFIT) as recognised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Access to G12EF is available to the customers and clients of Global Twelve on an execution only basis in addition to certain invited participants in selected capital investments via an authorised  Alternative Managed Certificate. The Investment Manager operates and secures support and advice from a number of subsidiaries and third party participants including  G12EF (“The Company”).