We are proud to have worked with innovative entrepreneurs across the fintec, financial and banking sectors and to introduce you to developing fast, secure, and convenient digital services to provide visibility and connectivity to your wealth across a range of flexible, convenient solutions wherever and whenever you need them.

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Multi-currency current accounts

With our multi-currency current accounts, you can have easy access to your cash deposits in many currencies including USD, Euro and GBP. You can also:

-Receive and make payments in all currencies
-Use your Debit/ Credit card to make purchases in stores and online
-Check all your accounts and Debit cards through our Online Banking service

Share Dealing Account

We offer a secure, straightforward way to invest and trade securities, with the following features:

-An execution only service, tailored to you
-A wide choice of investment options of international shares, funds, investment trusts & bonds
-Access to your account together with the current account
  Orders which can be placed online

Crypto Wallet

We offer access to crypto wallets with the following features:
-An OTC service, tailored to your needs
-A wide choice of crypto currencies
-Access to your crypto account together with your current account
-Orders which can be placed online

Crypto Currencies available include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and others by arrangement, so please contact us for more information and a tailored solution to meet your needs.


We offer Clients the possibility to invest in a variety of avenues that include direct access to selected prestige projects or via your own bespoke portfolios which span a range of asset classes and tailored risk portfolios designed to meet your needs, some of which include guarantees on capital and returns. These can be engaged either collectively or individually through a number of worldwide brands.

To obtain more information, you will first need to be a client of Global Twelve,  this allows you to contact the investment support team to receive further information and a consultation.

Debit Card

Our Debit card is available in EUR, with the following features:

Shopping worldwide & online
Thanks to the card issuers network, your card is accepted in more than 33 million outlets worldwide. It also allows you to pay online around the world.

Simplified management and recharge
Recharge your card directly from our Online Banking service anytime or contact your relationship manager.

Contactless payment
Contactless payment methods are integrated with your credit card, so it can be used via your phone (via ApplePay, GooglePay etc.). It allows you to pay for all your purchases under approx. 25 EUR by a simple contact with the POS terminal at selected retailers

Please note: The prepaid cards presented on this website are reserved to the holders of a Current Account with Global Twelve.

Credit Card

We offer Visa or Mastercard, which may be linked to certain digital currencies. Terms and conditions apply.

Please Note: Any approved crypto backed cards are reserved to our clients that hold a Wallet with Global Twelve.

At Global 12 we take clients’ privacy very seriously and our privacy notice provides full details about how we collect, use, share, manage and store data.

Initial Account opening Fee – Private Individual  € 50  
Initial Account opening Fee – Corporate € 200
Monthly balance fee  € 0.0125% min €25
Crypto Services 
Under €10,000 €40 + 0.35% + 35 USDT
€10,001- €50,000 € 35 + 0.3% + 30 USDT
€50,001 – €100,000 €35 + 0.25% + 30USDT
 € 100,001 – €500,000 €35 + 0.22% + 25 USDT
€500,001 – €1million €30 + 0.2% + 25 USDT
€1 million + €25 + 0.18% + 25 USDT
Card Establishment fee  €300
Card Monthly fee €25
Virtual Credit Card tbc
POS/ Online €0.35
3D Secure €0.35
ATM € 2 + 2.5%
ATM FX €2 + 2.5%
Balance enquiry Free
Deposit SEPA 1.2%
Deposit SWIFT 1% min fee €40
Withdraw SEPA 1.2%
Withdraw SWIFT 1% min fee € 40
Currency Exchange From 3.25%
Other Fees                                            
AML/KYC Fee Individual €50
AML/KYC Fee Corporate €150
Custodian Fee 0.025%